About Us

Built upon a stud conserved mostly in its original state, there is a colossal wooden dome with majestic windows through which the sky can be admired.


Carmela Ristorante offers the perfect environment for enjoying the most exquisitedishes. The exotic Italian and Mediterranean flavors blend with the classic cuisine in an exclusive menu conceived by our own chefs.


The works of well-known national artists and the inner garden elegantly embellishthe Main Room. Around it, there are two other intimate and private rooms: “El Cazador” (The Hunter) and “Silvestre” (Rustic), both of clear essence, and which have witnessed the former glories of the national turf.

Carmela History

She was born in the south of Italy under the sign of Gemini, in the 1920’s, near Sicily.
She married young, at the age of twenty.

In 1950, after the Second World War, she was left by herself to look after her three children –one only a month of age– because her husband sailed for Argentina in order to seek the promised land.

She was all alone but she was strong. She raised her children until one April(shortly after 1950) she and her children arrived in Argentina and once again, the family was reunited.

Her taste for good food, especially pasta and sauces, had been developed in her homeland and was completed in her new home with other specialties. Many of them are today offered in our menu.

She is quiet; silence is the norm. Therefore, she has become observant and punctilious. Her sensitivity, tenderness and kindness have made her a beloved woman.

Today, she is the mamma, the nonna; she is Carmela.

In the heart of Dardo Rocha St., Carmela Ristorante is a unique place where majesty and warmth blend with art, architecture, good food and friendly treatment.